May 29, 2017

Not that he’ll get the credit.

The President returned from the first overseas trip of his term in office and while the reviews have been mixed there are things he simply won’t get the credit for that he really should.

We often talk about how Defense Spending gobbles up such a huge portion of the Federal Budget but the thing here is that the folks on the Left (you know the very people who clamor over the Russian threat) somehow believe that if we just ask nicely other nations will cooperate and behave.

It’s that kind of thinking that led to the very high regard people have of Neville Chamberlain and his turn in the British government when dealing with Hitler.

We do spend A LOT of money on the military, way, way more than any other nation on the planet. Thing is the people who are upset about what we spend are the same people who think we should walk on tiptoes around the other nations that are part of the NATO alliance.

NATO just built a beautiful new headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and you know what? That’s YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK! All the construction costs, all the benefits to the local economy.. not coming here. And the especially great things is that we footed the lion’s share of the bill.

Now, we heard earlier in the week how the President pushed aside the Head of Montenegro to move to the front of the line but I’m thinking if you’re the one picking up the tab then there really is no reason to stand in the background.

Our President was roundly mocked and pilloried here in our country for this though because let’s face it, everything he does is wrong anyway and really we as Americans should know our place I guess.

Is it really right that we keep our commitments and other nations that are part of the alliance shirk theirs? Now, there are countries where maybe the expectation can be managed but NATO members are supposed to maintain 2% of their GDP for defense.

Take a look at this jewel:

Now, the question is this... do Germany, France, Canada, Italy and Turkey seem as if they can’t afford to carry their fair share of the bill?

I’m sure after Angela Merkel was laughing it up with Obama a few weeks ago, she was laughing even more when she was meeting with her ministers talking about how her nation only managed 1.2 of their GDP for defense while we carried the load and our former President didn’t really seem to have much of an issue with it.

Inversely it was funny to witness Merkel’s sour expression when Trump talked about NATO members maintaining their agreed upon standards for defense as the US was tired of shouldering the burden.

And people in this country, well, if you’re on the Left you’re simply shocked by Trump’s behavior, right? Yet, you do know those dollars can go to better things, don’t you? They can be spent here at home creating jobs or supporting Veteran’s. Or they can be spent in other areas completely!

Now during his visit in Belgium while people were idolizing our former President in Germany, the guy who won a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing and whose foreign policy lead to the biggest refugee crisis since World War II, the demonstrators in Belgium were telling our President to ‘go home.’

Seems odd to me because do they really want us to go home? They seem awfully comfortable taking American taxpayer dollars for their defense, does this mean the feeling is we should just leave?

Here’s the thing, I keep thinking about how all throughout the eighties, there were huge demonstrations against President Reagan and the United States but you know what happened? The wall came down and the Soviet Union collapsed.

Truth be told when Reagan came into office, NO ONE thought that would EVER happen. As a matter of fact, people often portrayed Reagan as mentally unstable. He was not loved by the Left. And I don’t especially think he was as great as some made him out to be but he was nowhere near as bad as they made him out to be either.

To be clear, there are no dues as it were but countries are relying on the US to pick up the slack and we simply cannot afford that as a nation. The commitment in the alliance needs to be an equal one and having a President continue to harp on it is not a bad thing, the current President is making it a centerpiece of relationships between us and other nations and it’s likely the only motivation that will change the dynamic that has been in place since the 70s.

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